Since its foundation, in 1993, Galeria Fernando Santos has had a fourfold

a) To disseminate and support projects of emerging portuguese artists
b) To a further knowledge of some internacional artists
c) To offer to institutions and to a group of prestigious art collectors,
the possibility to remain in close contact with names of reference both in
national and in international art market
d) Too keep up with an exhibition line capable of attending the production
of some of the most significative portuguese artists of the last four

Therefore, the gallery strathegy, that alternately keeps on through
exhibittting in these four sources, has been to organize and co-organize
significant exhibitions of these artists, to present their work in museums
and prestigious institucional spaces, as well as, attend the most important
national and international art fairs.

The continued effort of being trustworthy both by art collectors and artists
has as a consequence the multiplication of expositive spaces, as well as the
significant enlargement, both national and international of the artists
that it represents.


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