pedro cabrita reis - one after another a few silent steps - Leuven

Leuven Museum, Brussels, Belgium
25 February to 22 May 2011

Pedro Cabrita Reis (1956, Lisbon) is one of the leading artists of his generation. Since the early ‘90s, he has focused on themes such as housing, living space, construction and territory.
Cabrita Reis is inspired by everyday life. Consequently, he uses everyday objects in his art, e.g. tables, chairs or doors. He combines these with industrial materials such as neon lights, steel girders and bricks, and uses them to create new, abstract compositions.
In his work, Cabrita Reis treats the constructed environment in which we live. The places to which he refers are marked by both individual and collective meaning and memory.

Cabrita Reis’ artworks have been exhibited in numerous international  exhibitions, including 'Documenta IX' (1992) and the Lyon Biennale  (2009). In 2003, he represented Portugal at the Venice Biennale. The extensive exhibition at M is bringing together about forty works, including sculptures, paintings, photos and spatial installations. Cabrita Reis is also presenting new work, made especially for the  exhibition spaces at M.

This exhibition is organised in co-operation with Hamburger Kunsthalle, Carré d’Art Nîmes and Museo Berardo in Lisbon.



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