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On the Table
'In order to know anything at all about the table, we must know truths connecting it with things with which we have acquaintance', once wrote philosopher Bertrand Russell. On the Table means that if an idea has been put forward, it has been made available for public debate. Being the 'table' an object, 'on the' suggests the symbolic dimensions that have always been associated to it, which include eating and drinking, working, and talking. These functions are emphasized by Russell and encapsulate the curators' proposal. On the Table consists of a series of daily conversations with guests drawn from Madrid's constituency during the fair's week, as well as a series of daily artists' presentations within the tradition of the 'lecture-performance'. As a hub for the informal discussion of timely topics, this project engages artists, professionals and the audience in a discursive platform that evokes radical art pedagogical history.

Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado is a Portuguese curatorial team founded in 2004. They have organized exhibition series and projects in Portugal and abroad and recently Impossible Exchange commissioned for Frieze Projects at Frieze Art Fair in London.

Noé Sendas (Brussels, 1972) lives and works in Berlin and began presenting his work in the late nineties. Sendas resorts to different means of expression: video, sculpture, drawing and sound. Explicit and implicit references to artists and literary, cinematic, or musical creations are part of his raw materials. Specific concerns about the reflection and practice of visual arts can also be added to his repertoire. This includes: the body, as an entity that is simultaneously theoretical and material; the observer’s perception mechanisms; or the discursive potential of exhibition methods. Sendas primarily leitmotif is to explore the notion of loss.

18 a 21 Fevereiro 2010
La Longa | Nave de Terneras | Arganzuela | Madrid



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