Luís Gordillo

Born in Seville, in 1934, Luis Gordillo has become one of the most notable Spanish painters of the past few decades. Having assimilated, while studying Fine Arts in Seville, the new creative languages of the past five decades, which he later combined with influences from Informalism, Pop Art and Free Figuration, Gordillo defined a very personal and unique aesthetics, always attended by the ambition to create new discourses, based on his interest in psychoanalysis, film and music. In his long artistic career, characterised by continuous experimentation and the search for new techniques, new means of production and new visual horizons, he has developed a number of rich and complex universes, narratives and symbolic systems, working in an increasingly abstract style, where parallel universes coexist in mental cartographies and unusual kaleidoscopic images. Luis Gordillo is also the recipient of countless awards and other forms of recognition – such as the 2007 Velazquez Visual Arts Prize. His work has been exhibited in major museums and art institutions around the world and can be found in the foremost public collections of contemporary art.